Phony Phone Calls, Fake Tech Support

Several international fake tech support companies have recently been ordered to pay more than $5.1 million for their acts against unaware computer users. The charges against these fake tech support companies were invoked after they impersonated major companies such as Dell, Microsoft, McAfee, and Norton. The operations were mostly based in India and targeted countries with English-speaking consumers, tricking them into believing that their computers were teeming with malware. The fake tech support companies, impersonating well-known companies, charged consumers hundreds of dollars to remotely access and “fix” their machines.

The fake tech support companies currently facing Federal Trade Commission charges are:

Pecon Software Ltd. Et al.

Marczak et al.

PCCare247 Inc. et al.

Finmaestros, LLC et al.

Lakshmi Infosoul Services Pvt. Ltd. Et al.

Zeal IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Et al.

If you receive a phone call about malware on your device, don’t be fooled.