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Gift Idea for an Outdoor Lover – Solar Charger Backpack

By Mike Drisgill

Have someone on your gift giving list that loves the outdoors? Help them to be actively energy efficient while being active. Enjoy the outdoors and preserve it at the same time. With this backpack you can protect yourself, your planet and your devices. Have a mobile charging station, hydration station, and a backpack all in one! Solar power is an abundant, clean and renewable source of power. Never be left with a dead battery again! Play music aloud on your hikes. Charge your battery during the soccer game so you can take twice as many videos!

Not recommended for night time use



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Gift Idea for a Music Lover – Capsule Speaker

By Mike Drisgill

Have a person on your gift giving list that likes gadgets, likes music, and is always on the go?

Get them a capsule speaker!

Capsule speakers are a tiny portable speaker in a variety of colors with enhanced bass and expansion systems that gives 360-degree sound. It’s size makes it compact and portable and it has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that allows 12+ hours of continuous playback on one charge. Capsule speakers are universally compatible with all audio aux cables that are equipped with phones, tablets, mp3 players, CD players (Yes people still have them), PC’s, laptops, etc.


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Gift Idea for Mobile Device Users – Quirky Cable manager

By Mike Drisgill

Have a person on your gift giving list that already has all the technology they can use? I bet they have a lot of cables/chargers for all those devices. Help them clean it up with a desktop cable management block that is cheap, saves space, and looks cool!

Think of a paperweight for your cables. No more picking them up off the floor or having to plug them into the outlet everytime. Five rubber grips with flour slots hold the ends of your USB cords, cell phone chargers, audio cables, headphones, FireWire cords, and anything else you may have on your desk, you can even stack your cords if you have more than four!


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