Breadcrumbs and Privacy

Social Meda trackers and Privacy

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This month, it’s about what you need to know about the information being taken from your browsers any time you go out on the web, who knows about it, and who’s buying it for marketing and for phishing purposes. You leave a major trail of breadcrumbs in your wake as you surf, and they’re being mined to break any remaining privacy you might have had online.

Beware Trojan Horses, Bearing Invoices

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This issue covers how to recognize both a trojan horse attempting to breach the city gates, and how to recognize a file claiming to be something you want, when it’s just another attempt to breach computer security, usually ransomware, banking and mail login capture software, or cryptominers.

Whatever THAT is, Identified

Well, the whatever that is from my last post would appear to be Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Doodle, except if it were second-to-market, minimalistic, and intrusive on the desktop. I still haven’t found Microsoft’s announcement of this feature, whatsit, or whatever. But “Search Highlights” does sometimes pop up search results on mouseover, just not immediately. Triggering the search related to the search image is done by mousing over the image and pausing for at least one second. Apparently, it changes daily.

Here’s the turtle version, for May 23rd, World Turtle Day.

Windows 10 Searchbar Turtle Day

And today, May 24th, is apparently for the European Day of Parks.

Windows 10 Searchbar Parks

Again, it can be turned off by right-clicking the start bar, and next to Search, unchecking ‘Show search highlights.’