How to Turn off Whatever THAT is…

There’s a picture in the Windows 10 Search bar. This started after the May 2022 Windows Update, and so far, I’ve seen either Owls, a tea cup with what might be mint, or a purple flower and a bee. No idea what this kiddy cartoon is called other than looking very much look a toolbar added by malware. Or a BHO, also known as a browser helper object. Maybe a widget, a gadget? Maybe it’s a distant relative of the old Clippy, the Talking Paper Clip from Office ’97? Microsoft has used so many names for extra screen clutter over the years that this is clearly a Whatever. Yes, whatever that is.

Here’s how to turn off the Whatever: Right-click the Search box, and the menu will pop up as below. Uncheck ‘Show search highlights’. Done.

Windows 10 Cup of Tea with Mint?

If anybody knows what that setting changes beyond adding cartoons to the bar, let me know and I’ll update this.

Windows 10 bee and flowers

Updated May 21st with the tea cup.

Quick Fixes for Windows Issues

The February PC Updater News is out. This month, I cover the top Windows problems that don’t need a tech for fixes, usually. Try these quick fixes before ripping everything apart:

  • Lost Windows password
  • Missing Desktop icons
  • Lost an online password
  • Why can’t I login?
  • Can’t print.
  • How do Windows 11 and 10 reboot? Really?
  • My speakers are broken.
  • My mail is broken
  • Computer won’t start, just have a black screen.

The February issue and all the back issues are online, free, here:

PC Updater News

Free Windows 11 Keyboard Chart

Windows 11 became available on October 5th, 2021. This will be a free upgrade for computers made since approximately 2018; there’s a list at Microsoft on what the hardware requirements are, or call me for a free compatibility check.

I’ve created the new Windows 11 Keyboard shortcuts chart. It’s the shortcuts you need to learn most. It’s over at, here:

Win 11 Free Download Keyboard Chart