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Memes created here at PC410, of computers, hard drives, and old technology captured as it passes through our shop.

This is Your Hard Drive

hard drive fragmentation
Repeat until it won’t anymore:
So when the computer stores a file on the hard drive, it puts it anywhere, right?
And then you store another file, so it’s next.
And you add a page to the first, so it won’t fit where it was, so it’s in two pieces, right?
And then you store another file, so it’s next.
And then you delete a file, so there’s a blank area.
So the next file fills the hole but won’t fit there, so it’s in two pieces.
And it’s a mechanical spinning drive, so getting each piece back takes longer.
Any questions?


got vac?

This computer has been assaulted by a dust storm.
It was locking up from heat in general, and clay particles shorting out the video board.
It made a full recovery, and no longer lives on the floor next to a screen door.

(With apologies to the “got milk?” commercials…)

Data Recovery, the Hard Way

Backup My Burnt Hard Drive
Sure, no problem, but RUSH is double.
I mean, uh, yeah, we do data recovery, both locally and with a clean-room service.
And yes, we like a challenge.
But it might be too late. It’s toast. Two steps beyond flaky. DOA. Gone. Kaput. It is no more.
Gone to recycling, and it’s not coming back.