Now you see it… Reboot, you don’t.

Yes, indeed. Very clever, these spyware authors. Working on a cleanup, found a spyware component, turned out to be part of Aurora, that the usual cleanup tools could find, but only could remove on restart. Restarted, and amazingly, it’s gone. Only not; it has a new name. Seems this one randomly renames itself on shutdown, so the only way to delete that file is to cut power, restart in safe mode, and delete it. Got Aurora? (It pops up ad messages with ‘Aurora’ on the task bar.) Don’t do it–there are also some other self-repair features involved in Aurora, and it’s not enough just to get that file. Do a Google search for and the instructions that go with it.

On the same system, found viruses galore, mostly trojans. And Bube, and Home Search Assistant, and a few other self-healing malware delights. Truly a combo platter. Took multiple passes to turn the doorstop into a computer again.