Catch my disease?

Following up on the Dell commercial for Bonzi Buddy, well, OK, it’s for a “custom” notebook that apparently is only available with “all” the stuff you could want… (here)

Well, it gets stranger. The background music is fun to listen to. It’s catchy. It’s the first verse and the chorus of a song called “Catch My Disease” by Ben Lee. Now I have nothing against the song. It does make the commercial fun to watch–it wouldn’t work without the music. But the lyrics, as applied to selling a computer, are more than odd; they’re bizarre.

my head is a box filled with nothing

OK, I’d like to buy a Dell computer filled with nothing. Just Windows, hardware drivers, please. NO, DON’T push that button!!!

Dell ALL button

and thats the way i like it

Oh, and don’t forget the subliminal sales pitch, of course.

my garden’s a secret compartment
and thats the way i like it
and thats the way i like it

Um, OK, let’s add a hidden folder for my garden pictures. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

your body’s a dream that turns violent
and thats the way i like it

No, downloading that stuff is what made the Bonzi gorilla turn violet.

so please
baby please
open your heart
and catch my disease

Right. Spyware gorilla, subliminal sales pitch, catch the disease, empty head for a box. Just who is this notebook targeted at? And has the ad agency for Dell gone ape? Or maybe they’re just two bananas short of a bunch?